March 31


We had a major downpour last night. I dreamt I was riding in an amphibious vehicle. Hopefully we won't need one before we leave.
We went to 3 refuge camps today. Nobody needed any medical attention. I guess our work here as a medical team is about done. So we rode around taking pictures of churches and temples.

It started raining again. We went to a book store where I used a squat toilet for the 1st time. Aim is everything.

We did more shopping. Prices are so cheap.

We stopped to take a picture of a tall buddha statue. Crossing the street is always a challenge due to the traffic. The cars drive on the opposite side of the road. I looked the wrong way and stepped out in traffic. The cars honked and stopped, my heart dropped. I can not allow myself to get hit by a car! Later on I was talking to one of my yellow shirt friends about that and she told me about a time in Nassau Bahamas that she did the same thing. A light went on for me. As most of you know my mother was hit by a car and killed in Nassau. I never knew that cars drive on the opposite side of the road there. I think there is a strong possibility that she did look before she stepped off of the curb and she saw no cars coming because she looked the wrong direction. 33 years later I have some new understanding.