March 18

Not quite myself yet, still weak and foggy headed (ok so what else is new) but i decided to join the medical team. I had arranged for a doc from Negombo hospital to take us to a refuge camp.

The camp was set up by the Red Cross, it's very organized, most of the tsunami victims here are educated. It is in an enclosed area, cement wall around it. There are armed guards at the gate. The doc talks to the guards and they let us in. There are canvas tents everywhere, but in a very organized fashion. A first aid area is avail. We treat wounds, hand out medication, tooth brushes, stickers, whatever we have.

It is a very interesting experience. The children love the attention, we practice counting and doing our colors. They try to teach me new words and laugh at my feeble attempts. i laugh too. After we saw maybe 100 people. We closed up shop and plan to return again next fri. We will go to another camp with the doc also.