March 17

St Patrick's Day

I was green.

I woke up in the am feeling queasy and I ate a light breakfast, coffee, a little banana and peanut butter on a crepe. Hopped in the van and headed for the village.

On the way we saw the funniest site in the midst of all the traffic, right in the middle of the road 2 dogs were aggressively mating and one dog watching them/or maybe waiting for his turn. ha ha

Remember that the ride is very bumpy and congested, 2 hours later we stopped at the hotel close to the village so i could use the bathroom, where I proceeded to throw up (i won't be descriptive). I felt better so I went along to the village, when we arrived we went to a Muslim school where we were told a few days ago that they needed care. The buildings are set up around a courtyard and there are classes in session. The class rooms are open and the children are all looking at us. They are dressed in uniforms, mostly white shirts and blue shorts. A teacher comes out and tells us she is sorry but the principal is not here and we need to get permission from him to set up camp. So we get back in the van and head back to the village. In the village in addition to the houses that are being constructed is a community center. It is a large, structure with metal beams holding up a tin roof. There is a stage and seating area. The building crew is working on the cement wall around the perimeter it will go up a few feet. They are using this beautiful dark granite, that is broken up into basket ball size chunks, by workers swinging mallets. But then they cover that up with cement and paint it, what a pity.

Anyway now that we are back at the village I am feeling sick again, weak, light headed, I feel like i might pass out. Our van driver takes me to a hotel it is where the builders stay, only about 10 min. from the village. A few of the ladies from the group have a room there, so I go to sleep for an hour or so and i feel a little better. i spent the rest of the afternoon reading The O'Reilly Factor. i sat on the balcony over looking the ocean. nice. i felt a little better as the day went on. When I got back to the farm that eve i had an english muffin with peanut butter and felt sick again so i went to bed. Sweaty and achy not fun. Slept thru the night.