March 13


"Great men plant seeds that they know they will never see the shade of."
- Greek saying

We didn't take a bus on Sat. at all it was a time for planning and reflection. We did some group stuff, I was assigned to the medical team.

Father Tessa spoke of the difference between religion (structure) and spirituality (within).

We decided to plant trees in the village. 35 one for each of us. I love this idea.

We had a worship service. some folks from the east coast of SL who experienced total destruction came to speak to us it was heart breaking, their area was accessible by bridge, the bridge was washed out, many orphans and childless parents.

We offered something from nature, during our service I offered a rock and a prayer for a solid foundation for these devastated people. Many beautiful prayers and offerings. We were on the roof top of the farm.

Then we went to the orphanage at the farm, the children sang, danced and we did the same.