April 2

Saturday, free day

A bunch of us went to the beach. We did some more shopping. I never thought that I would shop so much here, but the prices are so inexpensive.

I had the beach pool to myself for a while, totally relaxing. My new friend Sonny and I went walking and shopping. We stopped at a place I had been in last week. Kind of an odd assortment of things. Old jewelry, silver, various trinkets. The man Hassem is very talkative, he invites us for tea and conversation. He was a world minded kind of man. He is Muslim. Actually he sang a song to us;

although we are from different lands
we share one earth and sky and sun
remember friends the world is one.

It was dark when we left, the 2 of us had to take a tut tut back to the farm and it was raining. It is very difficult to give directions when we aren't really sure ourselves and we speak different languages. We got within a block of the farm and we missed a turn. These are not normal roads, they are narrow curvy muddy wide paths. We realized we were not heading in the right direction so we started asking people we would pass by do you know English, eventually we were able to say enough words that someone understood and we got safely back to the farm. It’s just one adventure after another.

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