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About The Mission

In December, 2004 the eastern and southern coastline of Sri Lanka was struck by a devastating Tsunami caused by an earthquake near the coast of Indonesia. Many thousands of Sri Lankans died in the disaster and the area of the coastline shown in red on the map at left was largely destroyed, in some places as far inland as 3 or 4 miles!

How You Can Help: Information on making a contribution to HelpSriLanka.us

Evan Balasuriya, chef and owner of Sri Lanka Curry House restaurant in Minneapolis for nearly 25 years, is conducting relief missions to his homeland Sri Lanka and seeking volunteers and donations to rebuild the villages that were wiped out by the tsunami. You may have heard Chef Evan being interviewed by Don Shelby on his WCCO radio show.

Evan has assembled and will lead the first team of volunteers to Sri Lanka in late January, 2005. This team includes several nurses, teachers, counselors, and builders, as well as general volunteers to assist with logistical support. The team will be based at the Center for Society and Religion, a Catholic mission school and farm, run by Father Tissa Balasuriya, noted theologian and international educator.

Shortly after the first team returns to the Twin Cities, the second team departed for Sri Lanka to continue the efforts underway.

Want to get involved? Want to find out more? You need to contact Evan!

You can e-mail Evan at evanmpls@q.com  or call him at 612-382-5599