Week 2 - Part 1

March 16

We went to the Negombo Hospital today, so interesting, it's a government hospital. 450 occupied beds, 1000 people seen in the clinic by 14 docs per day. Nurses earn 16000R ($160/month). In the NICU there were servo 300 ventilators, that is high tech, i assume they were donated maybe by siemens. 6 babies were born within the last few hours, all in 1 crib with a heat lamp hanging over them and it was already very hot in there I can’t imagine why they would need a heat lamp. They were so cute, they looked like a litter of puppies. Laboring mothers lined up on gurneys right next to each other, they had their street clothes on. Maybe that's why all the women wear dresses. Easier to give birth. The babies had strings with paper circles on them with a number that matched their mothers, that was the only identification.

So many people and this hospital was big and old.

We drove by the ocean, 50+ fishing boats at sea, rectangular sails for power. There were skinny silver fish laid out all over the beach on tarps. They looked like they were drying them in the sun.