March 15

It is total chaos trying to get in to the vans in the morning. There are 35 of us and supplies. It is so funny to me how something so simple can be so difficult. Who should ride with who, who will we pick up. So far I have just gone with the flow. What else can you do?

My medical team went across the tracks from the village and set up a little work area. I saw a few patients. an old man who smoked had crackly lung sounds and wheezes, I gave him a few puffs of an albuterol inhaler. A young man with bad cracked dry skin open sores with flies, I washed and applied ointment and bandage. We walked around looking for other possible medical sites. Arafat Muslim school north of the village is where w...


March 14

Yesterday we had a great time in Kandy, which is several hours east of here. We went to an elephant orphanage, fun to see elephants bathing in the river. Many had been hurt, shot by hunters. missing a leg, blind, not too pretty. They make pachyderm paper at the orphanage. It is recycled elephant dung. ick

Then to the spice farm, some massages, and oils. I bought some saffron, curry and some other items. We also went to a very old Buddhist temple.

Got back to the farm late and dinner was waiting for us.

The next day we started to work. Went to a little preschool north of the village and I learned to be a wound care nurse. The wounds weren't deep, just dirty, lots of flies. The room we worked in ...


March 13


"Great men plant seeds that they know they will never see the shade of."
- Greek saying

We didn't take a bus on Sat. at all it was a time for planning and reflection. We did some group stuff, I was assigned to the medical team.

Father Tessa spoke of the difference between religion (structure) and spirituality (within).

We decided to plant trees in the village. 35 one for each of us. I love this idea.

We had a worship service. some folks from the east coast of SL who experienced total destruction came to speak to us it was heart breaking, their area was accessible by bridge, the bridge was washed out, many orphans and childless parents.

We offered something from nature, during our servic...


March 11

It rained last night. I slept so good, when I awoke it was to the sounds of the jungle, frogs, birds and a frog that sounds just like a goat. In the morning we met for breakfast, hard boiled eggs, rice,curry sauce, yummy papaya and mango, lefse type bread, baked bread. Just way too much and very tasty. I continue to try not to eat the sugars and not too much bread. But that's not easy. Plenty of bottled water and hot tea.

We had another meeting after breakfast, we tried to learn some Singhalese. I didn't do too bad in the classroom, but by the time I needed it I couldn't remember a word.

We had to hurry and make gift bags for the village families. Then we piled in the very crowded bus and took...


March 10

It was amazing to be flying over other countries that I only hear about on the news, right over Baghdad. We fly so high that there is nothing to worry about.

Some of us feared Sri Lanka airlines but we were surprised, nice plane, beautiful flight attendants, beautiful long dresses, dark hair that starts much closer down the forehead and pulled back in tight buns. Pretty emerald earrings and necklaces. Always smiling and ready to assist. Lots of good meals.

When we landed in Columbo it was warm, humid, new smells, maybe bleach used for cleaning. It took 1-2 hours to get through customs. Lots (70+) of boxes. Then outside we all paraded to get on the bus. Horns honking, people everywhere. Lots of...