I have a tattoo on the back of my neck, it is a fairy sitting on a morning glory, within her wings are the sun signs of Aquarius, that would be me, Scorpion, that would be my son, and Picese, that would be my daughter that passed away when she was 15 months old. She is a beautiful fairy with red hair and a hazy blue shift on. Under the morning glory she is sitting on it says “Believe”, I have many items that say “Believe” on them, Believe in what? Whatever makes you happy, whatever gives you peace, whatever makes it through another day. I firmly believe that we are not here to simply live life, nor do I believe that life ends when you die, it just changes. I believe that if you can think good things, release negative energy and bitterness that you can do anything you want to do. I BELIEVE!

Ready or not…

We have just returned from sufficiently stuffing ourselves with Mexican food. It’ll be noodles from here on out, at least starting Friday when we arrive in Beijing. I have mixed emotions, excitement, anticipation and fear. I am not sure what order as they seem to come in different waves. I need to just slow down and enjoy the next two weeks, just take them as they come. Like JE says, i have no control over these things so why worry about them. Tait is in need of some Mommy cuddling so i best be doing my job.

3 days

We are three days to take off. In less than a week we will be parents again and Tait will be a big brother. In a very positive way, our lives will be changing. It is a nice feeling. Yesterday we went to a “waiting families event.” This is a gathering of people who are in some phase of the adoption process with our agency. I can remember going to our first meeting and looking at those people who were about to leave to get their babies and now we are one of those people! We are almost packed and only a little over our goal. If i were not taking snacks we would probably be a little lighter! (I assume JE will make me leave some behind. It is either food or baby items.) Trying to do last minute tasks that need to be done. I slept well last night. I am sure these next few will be restless.

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About The Help Sri Lanka Volunteer Team

Evan Balasuriya, chef and owner of Sri Lanka Curry House restaurant in Minneapolis for nearly 25 years, is conducting relief missions to his homeland Sri Lanka and seeking volunteers and donations to rebuild the villages that were wiped out by tsunami. You may have heard Chef Evan being interviewed by Don Shelby on his WCCO radio show. Evan has assembled and will lead the first team of volunteers to Sri Lanka in late January, 2005. This team includes several nurses, teachers, counselors, and builders, as well as general volunteers to assist with logistical support. The team will be based at the Center for Society and Religion, a Catholic mission school and farm, run by Father Tissa Balasuriya, noted theologian and international educator.Shortly after the first team returns to the Twin Cities, the second team will depart for Sri Lanka to continue the efforts underway.

This site will be publishing reports and information as it becomes available. Check back here often to follow the progress of the Help Sri Lanka Team. Thank you for your generous support.

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The Changing Role of The Dad

Mack’s gonna be on TV tonight (Sept. 24), on The Agenda with Steve Paikin (it’s live at 8 p.m. if you live in Ontario, on TVO), with a bunch of experts talking about “the changing role of the father.”

Mack does not pretend to be a “parenting expert.” I suppose I have been asked on the show to represent the “regular guy” and/or “average joe” Dad.

Also probably because I spent several years in the trenches of stay-at-home-Dad-dom.

I kind of loved it, and I wrote a book about it, but looking back on it I can only say: Thank God those years are over!

Thank God I don’t even remember what a full diaper smells like (I have a vague memory it was an extremely revolting odour).

The other panel members and I are discussing “the changing role of the father.” Good thing it’s an hour-long show. Too bad it’s not three hours!

What hasn’t changed? Of course, we’re talking about a slice of a particular culture. In some cultures, nothing about the role of the father has changed, and they continue to live in an almost medieval model.

But in Mack’s world, everything has changed. Throw a stick in the playground in the park across the street from Mack’s house, on a Wednesday afternoon, you’ll hit more stay-at-home dads than moms.

(Actually it’s about equally divided between nannies, grannies, stay-at-hom dads, and stay-at-home moms.)

And I think of, like, how (so the myth goes anyway) fifty years ago a husband used to be able to say to his wife: “End of discussion. I…have spoken.”

If I said to Mrs. Daddy: “End of discussion, I have spoken,” she would laugh in my face.

“Wrong again, bub. The discussion is ongoing.”

But I like that. I like being married to a strong-willed woman, to an equal. I don’t want a “helpmeet,” I don’t want a doormat.

I want a partner. Us vs. world. It’s fun. I’m glad I wasn’t a dad of 40 years ago. Having to make all the money, keep their emotions bottled up inside, etc.

It sounds awful.